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Committees, Al Camp Memorial Scholarship & Awards

Membership Committee
Chair, Amanda Wilson-
Phone: (770) 547-4700

Public Relations
Media Contact, Steve Longmire-
Phone: (404) 234-5820

Technology Committee
Chair, Steve Longmire-
Phone: (404) 234-5820

Convention Committee
Co-Chair, Marj Schneider -
Phone: (912) 352-1415

Co-Chair, Alice Ritchhart-
Phone: (912) 261-9833

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Chair, Alice Ritchhart-
Phone: (912) 261-9833

Finance Committee
Chair, Jimmie Burkes-
Phone: (706) 568-4386

Legislative Committee
Chair, Betsy Grenevitch-
Phone: (770) 464-0450


Robin Oliver:                                                                                                                                             

Amanda Wilson:

Awards And Criteria

1. The Gerald Pye Community Service Award: The recipient must be an active legally blind member of GCB in good standing. He or she must have demonstrated superior service to his or her community in a number of ways that exemplify the work of Gerald Pye. The candidate must be nominated in writing by a GCB member who knows firsthand of the candidate's community services. Examples of this service must be included in the written recommendation.
Chair, Alice Ritchhart
Phone: (912) 996-4213

2. The Walter R. McDonald Award: The recipient is an outstanding visually impaired individual who has, through his/her leadership and service, contributed significantly to the betterment of the blind and visually impaired community, and who has demonstrated by deeds and achievements his/her dedication to the principles incident to blindness espoused and practiced by the late Walter R. McDonald. The recipient may or may not be a member of the GCB.
Chair, Robin Oliver
Phone: (706) 548-7401

3. The Rhoda Walker Award (suggested by Rhoda's sister, Helen Wasileski): The recipient can be a blind or sighted individual. Services rendered must be of non-paying status. Services may be any endeavor in the field of teaching, service, and betterment of life for the blind. The recipient must provide public awareness through speaking, seminars, and/or demonstration. There must be involvement of the educational field/teaching braille. The recipient must push any innovation involving blindness or blind people.
Chair, Anne Wheeler
Phone: (678) 480-2783

4. The June Willis Guiding Eyes Award: The recipient must be a sighted GCB member who is known to GCB members through attendance at GCB state activities, and through his/her willing assistance and service to the blind and visually impaired.
Chair, Keith Morris
Phone: (706)799-5225

The nominations shall include the name of the candidate, plus the reason the candidate deserves the award. Nominations for all awards shall be submitted to the respective award committee chairperson in writing (including email) no later than June 15, of this year.

Awards Committee
Chair, Judy Presley
Phone: (706) 878-2962

Al Camp Memorial Scholarship
Chair, At Large Rep. Debbie Williams
Phone: (770) 595-1007
1477 Nebo Road
Dallas, GA30157

The deadline for receipt of the Al Camp Memorial scholarship information is June 15, of this year. Scholarship applications may be obtained from Chair, Debbie Williams, at the address above, or via the Web Site:Click Here to Visit the GCB Web Site

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