New picture of officers. ***Description: GCB officers Betsy Grenevitch (At Large Representative), Marsha Farrow (Treasurer), Cecily Laney Nipper (President), Kathy Morris (Secretary). Not pictured: Marj Schneider (First Vice President), Judy Presley (Second Vice President).

Braille Project


The Georgia Council of the Blind (GCB) is an advocacy and support organization with blind and low vision members across Georgia. The goals of GCB are to promote social, educational, employment and economic opportunities for people who are blind. Literacy for those who are blind and low vision means reading and writing braille. One of GCB’s goals is to encourage the learning and use of braille among visually impaired Georgians of all ages. We celebrate all that can be explored and known through use of this six-dot tactile reading and writing system.
To celebrate braille, this year GCB is holding a creative writing contest for Braille users, children, and adults. Applicants are encouraged to submit a document on paper in braille which is composed by them using a standard braille writer or a slate and stylus. Documents using a computer with braille translating software will be disqualified. Submissions will be judged by a committee of GCB members and winners will be awarded gift cards! The winning essays will be presented at the GCB 2023 annual conference and convention in Augusta, Georgia on Saturday, November 4, 2023. To participate please follow the instructions on the following pages.

GCB 2023 Braille Creative Writing Contest Instructions

1. The contest will be divided into two categories, children under age 18 and adults over age 18. Any blind or low vision Georgian may participate. Membership in GCB is not required.
2. Submissions are limited to 500 words and no fewer than 300 words.
3. What can be submitted? Write a short story, essay, or poem on any topic that interests you.
a. Suggestions for topics:
i. What braille means to me.
ii. My favorite vacations, pets, and friends.
4. Hard copy braille submissions will be accepted in both contracted and uncontracted braille, Perkins or computer (6-key entry).
5. Braille notetakers can be used; braille translation software is not allowed. BRF files can be submitted as attachments by participants without access to a braille embosser.
6. Entries will be judged on accuracy of the braille code, spelling and grammar, as well as the quality of the content.
7. Mail completed entry form and submission by October 1, 2023, to:
Phil Jones
Committee Chair
922 Edgewater Drive
Loganville, GA 30052
For questions or to submit attached BRF files, email Phil at:

GCB 2023 Braille Writing Contest Submission Form

Please include the following information with your submission. Applicants or parent of a minor child must sign (or initial) at the bottom, and this form must be mailed with the braille entry.
• Applicant’s name
• Address
• Telephone
• Email address
NOTE: Applicants under age 18 should include a parent’s email.
• Age of applicant (optional for adult submissions):
• Age category, please check one:
? Child, under age 18
? Adult, 18 and over
• Category of entry (please check one):
• Story/Essay
• Poem
• I understand the rules of this contest. I wrote this story/poem by myself. I did not copy it from any other person, book or any other source.
• Applicant’s signature: (or initials)