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THE GCB DIGEST A Publication of the GEORGIA COUNCIL OF THE BLIND An Affiliation of the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF THE BLIND An organization promoting a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out! SPRING, 2009 President: Alice Ritchhart 125 Willow Pond Way Brunswick, GA 31525 912-261-9833, Toll Free: 877-667-6815 E-Mail: alice.ritchhart@comcast.net Editor: Ann Sims, 3361 Whitney Avenue Hapeville, GA 30354, 404-767-1792 E-Mail, teacherann@bellsouth.net Assistant Editor: Jerrie Ricks, 1307 Chester Place McDonough, GA 30252, 770-898-9036; E-Mail, jerrie_ricks@bellsouth.net GCB Webmaster: Steven Longmire Sunbright Consulting at info@sunbright.biz GCB Web Site: www.georgiacounciloftheblind.org TABLE OF CONTENTS President’s Message: by Alice Ritchhart ------------------------ 3 Board Meeting Conference Call: ---------------------------------- 6 GCB Board Minutes, November 8, 2009: Submitted by Robin Oliver ------------------------------------------------------------ 7 Report from the Treasurer: Submitted by Jerrie Toney -----8 2009 GCB Committees: Submitted by Alice Ritchhart and Judy Presley ----------------------------------------------------- 10 Membership is the Backbone of the Georgia Council of the Blind: by William K. Holley -------------------------------------- 15 GCB Goes To Washington, D.C.: by Kevin Roberts, Greater Columbus Chapter ------------------------------------ 18 Announcement from the Chair of the History Committee: by Valerie Leighton ---------------------------------------------- 19 Just Call GCB: by Alice Ritchhart --------------------------- 20 Cow Patty Grand: by Marsha Farrow ---------------------- 20 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Your President at Work As you are reading this issue of the GCB Digest, spring is in full bloom and with spring comes new beginnings. For this reason, and because I am eager for everyone to be fully informed of what is happening in our state affiliate, I want to first share with you what the council and I as your president have been doing. I will then share some new ideas on how you can remain aware and involved in the Georgia Council of the Blind. First, as some of you know, one of the things we have done since my taking office is to reorganize the job of the treasurer. We have established a check and balance system to provide adequate controlling of our financial records. The treasurer still carries out the duties written in our Constitution and Bylaws, but we now have a bookkeeper to check these reports and books on a regular basis. Kathy Morris of the Augusta Chapter graciously agreed to accept this responsibility. Also, we now have our secretary and first vice president to open all mail including checks. All check data is then given to the treasurer for recording before checks are deposited. To then make sure that our books are in order, we have the finance committee to do as they always have and conduct a regular audit and then develop our annual budget. Another matter the board is working on is to get each chapter its own Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is a Federal tax ID that each chapter can use for fund raising purposes. If these individual numbers can be obtained, each chapter will be responsible for reporting its own fund raising information to the state instead of using the Georgia affiliate’s ID number. This provides chapters with a sense of independence, and perhaps more importantly, it frees the state affiliate from having responsibility for the accuracy of all chapter fund raising reporting. An exciting thing that has happened since the current executive committee took office is that GCB now has an actual physical address. The new office space for GCB was donated by first vice president Bill Holley who is also the executive director of the Multiple Choices Independent Living Center. He has given the office as an in-kind donation, and this will be particularly helpful when we begin applying for grants and donations from other possible donors. It actually works well having the office at the Center as three of our five executive officers live and work in Athens (Robin Oliver, secretary; Jerrie Toney, treasurer; and Bill Holley, first vice president). Also by having our office in a physical place, we are able to store all historical documents and other property of GCB so that we are not constantly moving and passing it around and losing vital information. On a regular basis, I, as well as a few other members, spend time answering and helping people who call our GCB phone line. We volunteer our time in schools, centers, and organizations where we are asked to come and talk about GCB and other blind-related issues. Such examples include speaking to the teachers for the visually impaired, CVI, LIONS’ clubs, just to name a few. In addition to this, on a regular basis I have been representing GCB and individuals of Georgia on the State Rehabilitation Council, State Independent Living Council, and the Georgia Statewide Coalition on Blindness. As some of you know, another important area where I spend my time is working and advocating for legislation that would be of great benefit to all blind and visually impaired children and adults in Georgia. I am talking specifically about the legislation to form a Commission for the Blind and the legislation to strengthen our Braille Literacy Bill. On the national level I serve on ACB’s transportation committee and have been asked to present at the ACB presidents’ meeting and Legislative Seminar. Last year I gave a presentation on our youth program and this year presented on serving on the State Rehabilitation Council. I attend the ACB conventions and ACB mid-year presidents’ and legislative meetings. Incidentally, I often try to pay part of my own expenses so that I can have other members accompany me on these trips. I try to attend all of our GCB committee meetings and preside at our quarterly board meetings. We have, under my presidency, tried to hold some of the board meetings in person and some by phone so more of our members can attend and know what is going on. With this said, let me tell you what we are going to try to do so that members and our chapter presidents can be more involved. First, we plan to start printing the minutes of all our board meetings in The GCB Digest. This will give you all a chance to know firsthand what has taken place during those meetings. Secondly, starting in May we will have monthly calls where members can call in and ask questions of the executive officers and board members. If members are interested, we may be able to invite other speakers to inform us on issues that concern us as blind and visually impaired people. We may even be able to have our national ACB folks to join us occasionally. Thirdly, we will be holding two of our board meetings by phone. You are more than welcome to join us. We will list the call number in this issue as well as the information about our monthly calls. Finally, I am very excited to tell you that we are presently working on a regional southeast leadership conference of ACB affiliates. This event will hopefully take place in 2010 with Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and some other southern states. I will fill you in on this as more details become available. I hope that this article has been helpful in providing information about how we have been working to serve you in GCB. I think that with the new things I mentioned above, you will now have more opportunities to keep abreast and take part in the state organization. Please remember that I am here to serve and represent each and everyone of you, and you can contact me at any time. Know that I am honored to serve as your president. Respectfully submitted, Alice Ritchhart Board Meeting Phone Conference The next GCB Board meeting will be a telephone conference call on Saturday, April 11, beginning at 10:00 A.M. An Agenda of the meeting is below this message. We welcome all GCB members to join in the call. If you do not have free long distance and would like to participate in the board meeting, please contact Ann Sims an hour before the meeting via phone at 404-767-1792, and hopefully arrangements can be made to call you back and have you join us on the line. If you have a cell phone or free long distance and would like to call in, the number is: 1-218-844-3388; PIN, 42226. Board Meeting Phone Conference Saturday, April 11, 2009 10:00-1:00 AGENDA 10:00: Welcome- Alice Ritchhart, president 10:05: Read Agenda- Robin Oliver, secretary 10:15: Roll Call & Guest Introductions- Robin Oliver, 10:30: Speaker- Ardis Bayzn 11:30: Minutes- Robin Oliver, secretary 11:45: Treasurer Report- Jerrie Toney, treasurer 12:00: President’s Report- Alice Ritchhart, president 12:15: Committee Reports A. Convention- Jimmie Burkes, Marsha Farrow B. Legislative- Betsy Grenevitch, Alice Ritchhart C. Technology- Steve Longmire, Jerrie Toney D. Fund Raising- Valerie Leighton E. Finance Committee- Marsha Farrow F. Constitution and Bylaws- Ann Sims G. Membership- Bill Holley 12:40: New Business A. Public Relations Committee- Alice Ritchhart B. National Convention- Alice Ritchhart C. ACB Board Report- Marsha Farrow D. Radio GaRRS/ ACB- Alice Ritchhart 1:00: Adjourn Georgia Council of the Blind Board Minutes Submitted by Robin Oliver Board Meeting, November 8, 2008 The board meeting was called to order immediately following the general business meeting of the 2008 GCB State Convention. The executive officers were sworn in for the 2009-2010 term. The current executive members are president, Alice Ritchhart; first vice president, Bill Holley; second vice president, Keith Morris; secretary, Robin Oliver; treasurer, Jerrie Toney; and at-large representative, Debbie Williams. Bill Holley suggested that since we only have two face-to-face meetings a year and two via phone, we could hold meetings in places other than Atlanta. It was agreed that at our next face-to-face meeting we would have the Constitution and Bylaws documents read aloud so that the board could familiarize itself with them. December 15 is the deadline for getting in your chapter dues and roster, as well as getting in articles for the winter issue of The GCB Digest. Also think about on which committees you would like to serve and let our president know your preferences. The next board meeting will be held on January 17, 2009. You will be notified later about the location. The meeting was adjourned, and the convention continued. Anyone desiring copies of GCB minutes, please contact secretary, Robin Oliver, at 706-549-1020, or via email at genuis43@yahoo.com. Report of the GCB Treasurer Submitted by Jerrie Toney Treasurer’s Report December 1 through December 31, 2008: Beginning Balance: $5,679.83 DEPOSITS: 12/9/2008: $842.00 Deposit “Northwest Chapter $192.00 membership dues” “Metro Atlanta Chapter $192.00 membership dues” “Board of Regents $74.00 convention” “East Georgia Chapter $384 .00 membership dues” 12/16/2008: $252.00 Deposit “Macon Chapter $168.00 GCB membership dues” “South Metro (Metro Atlanta) Chapter $60.00 GCB membership dues” “Leighton $24.00 GCB membership dues” 12/22/2008: $1,919.63 Deposit “Vehicle Donation $1,907.63” “Teresa Chastain $12.00 GCB membership dues” Total Amount of Deposits: $3,013.63 CHECKS: Check#1259: $62.06 11/2/2008 “Marsha Farrow $62.06 for frames convention” Check#1260: $45.44 12/15/2008 “Jerrie Toney $45.44 GCB office supplies reimbursement” Total Amount of Checks: $107.50 DEBITS: 12/4/2008: $76.23 Windstream GCB Phone 12/10/2008: $50.00 American Council of the Blind MMS program Total Debits: $126.23 Total Combined Amounts of Checks and Debits: $233.73 Ending Balance: $8,459.73 Scholarship Balance: $2,396.97 (Scholarship fund) 12/9/2008: $100.00 Deposit “Kay McGill $100.00 donation scholarship fund” Savings Account Balance: $11,368.52 Interest Paid: $4.29 Savings Account Balance: $11,372.81 CD Balance: $10,962.95 Total Combined Amounts: $33,192.46 Portfolio: $48,114.76 Report of the GCB State Convention 2008 For the 2008 GCB convention, the total expenses were $11,005.53; the total revenue, $12,136.00, and the difference, $1,160.47. Anyone interested in acquiring copies of the 2008 treasurer’s reports, budget, and/or 2008 convention report may make your request known by contacting the GCB office: Multiple Choices Center, 850 Gaines School Road, Athens, GA 30605, telephone 706-549-1020, or via email at jmt2@bellsouth.net and your request shall be honored. GCB Committees 2009 Listed below are the GCB committees. If you are not currently serving on any of these committees and would like to join one of them, please contact president, Alice Ritchhart, at 912-261-9833, or toll free: 877-667-6815, or via E-Mail: alice.ritchhart@comcast.net. Advocacy/Transportation: Chair, Betsy Grenevitch, blindangel@joimail.com; Teresa Brenner, Kim Harrison, Dirk Jones and Adam Shapiro Constitution: Chair, Ann Sims, teacherann@bellsouth.net; Phil Jones, Robin Oliver, Granger Ricks, Marj Schneider and Adam Shapiro Convention Committee: Co-Chairs, Jimmie Burkes, burkesjrb@mchsi.com; and Marsha Farrow, marshafarrow@windstream.net; Betsy Grenevitch, Diane Healy, Cliff Jones, Steve Longmire, Robin Oliver and Jerrie Toney Finance: Chair, Marsha Farrow, marshafarrow@windstream.net; Jimmie Burkes, Betsy Grenevitch, Bill Holley, Kathy Morris and Ann Sims Fund Raising/Grant Committee: Co-Chairs, Bill Holley, kermitholley@msn.com, and Valerie Leighton, valveepbaseball@yahoo.com; Marsha Farrow, Kathy Morris, Keith Morris and Peter Tolly History/Current Events: Chair, Valerie Leighton, valveepbaseball@yahoo.com; Brian Leighton, Judy Presley and Marj Schneider Membership: Chair, Bill Holley, kermitholley@msn.com; Dirk Jones, Greg McDuffie, Robin Oliver, Ann Sims and Debbie Williams Technology: Chair, Steve Longmire, slongmir@bellsouth.net; James Howard, Cliff Jones, Dirk Jones, Stanley Lopez, Greg McDuffie, Robin Oliver, Chester Thrash and Jerrie Toney Youth Awareness Program: Chair, Marsha Farrow, marshafarrow@windstream.net; Teresa Brenner, and Fred McDade, GCB Awards Guidelines and Committees It is time once again to read over the GCB Awards Guidelines and nominate those members you think deserve to be recipients of these awards. The deadline this year is June 15, 2009. The committees and chairs with their contact information are listed after the Guidelines. GCB Awards Guidelines 1. All awards committees shall be appointed at the January board meeting. 2. Nominations for all awards shall be submitted to the respective award committee chairpersons in writing (including e-mail) no later than June 15, 2009. 3. Nominations shall include the name of the candidate, plus the reason the candidate deserves the award. 4. Each award committee chairperson shall read to his/her committee members all award nominations. 5. The decision for selecting the award recipient shall be made by all members of that committee. 6. Criteria for the Rhoda Walker Award, suggested by Rhoda's sister, Helen Wasileski: The recipient can be a blind or sighted individual. Services rendered must be of non-paying status. Services may be any endeavor in the field of teaching, service, and betterment of life for the blind. The recipient must provide public awareness through speaking, seminars, and/or demonstration. There must be involvement of the educational field/teaching braille. The recipient must push any innovation involving blindness or blind people. 7. The committee for selecting the recipient of the June Willis Guiding Eyes Award shall be legally blind. 8. The sighted recipient of the June Willis Guiding Eyes Award (who must be a GCB member) shall be known to GCB members through attendance at GCB state activities, and through his/her willing assistance and service to the blind and visually impaired. 9. The Walter R. McDonald Award shall be presented to an outstanding visually impaired individual who has, through his/her leadership and service, contributed significantly to the betterment of the blind and visually impaired community, and who has demonstrated by deeds and achievements his/her dedication to the principles incident to blindness espoused and practiced by the late Walter R. McDonald. The recipient may or may not be a member of the Georgia Council of the Blind. 10. The recipient of The Gerald Pye Community Service Award must be an active legally blind member of GCB in good standing. He or she must have demonstrated superior service to his or her community in a number of ways that exemplify the work of Gerald Pye. The candidate must be nominated in writing by a GCB member who knows first hand of the candidate's community services. Examples of this service must be included in the written recommendation. 11. All GCB awards shall be presented periodically at a GCB state convention. Awards Committee Co-Chairs Judy Presley, 706-878-2962, hoyal@alltel.net (after May 15, Judy’s email will be: hoyal@windstream.net). Marsha Farrow, 1-877-667-6815, marshafarrow@windstream.net (June Willis Guiding Eyes) Chair, Al Camp, 706-886-3894, decr99@yahoo.com 6972 Alfred Camp Road, Toccoa, GA 30506 Richard Bagley and Ann Sims (Gerald Pye Community Service Award) Chair, Kaye Hall, 478-788-5277 5475 Bloomfield Road Macon, GA 31206 Clifford Jones and Genie Ray O’Kelly (Rhoda W. Walker) Chair, Anne Wheeler, 770-786-5778, awheel@bellsouth.net 2199 Floyd Street, Covington, GA 30014 Barbara Graham and Heather Lopez (Walter R. McDonald) Chair, Robin Oliver, 706-548-7401, genuis43@yahoo.com 690 Fourth Street, Apt. 8201 Athens, GA 30601 Valorie Thomas and Amanda Wilson (Scholarship Awards) Chair, Debbie Williams, 770-595-1007, Williamsdebk@wmconnect.com 1477 Nebo Road, Dallas, GA30157 Granger Ricks, Tom Ridgeway, Dr. Phillip Dillard, and Dr. Bill Holley The deadline for receipt of scholarship information is June 15, 2009. Scholarship applications may be obtained from Chair, Debbie Williams, at the address above, or via the Web Site: georgiacounciloftheblind.org Part 1 Membership is the Backbone of the Georgia Council of the Blind By William K. Holley, Jr. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey, 2006, there were 21.2 million Americans who reported experiencing vision loss. Georgia Department of Rehabilitation indicates there are 285,000 individuals with vision loss in the state. The number of blind individuals residing here is calculated by counting 3% of the total population. For the blind community these numbers are statistically significant because population is used in the formula to fund blind services in Georgia. So we ask ourselves the question, why are these numbers important to the membership of the Georgia Council of the Blind (GCB)? Over the past fifteen years individuals with a loss of vision have experienced a deterioration of support and services in the state of Georgia. GCB members are the only consumers telling the stories about individuals with vision loss services or lack of support in the community. However, there are thousands of individuals with vision loss that are not being heard. When the leadership of GCB confronts the community about the lack of support or poor service, nothing changes. If our GCB members get treated as if they do not matter, and GCB is considered the most organized advocacy group in the state, our members should be concerned. The Georgia Council of the Blind membership only represents 267 individuals with vision loss in the state. Of the thirteen chapters in our state, including the at-large members, GCB represents less than 1% of individuals with vision loss. Just imagine what GCB would accomplish if it represented 10% of the vision loss community. What do you think GCB could accomplish? Recently, GCB elected officers including, the first vice president, secretary, and treasurer who had the pleasure of visiting five (5) chapters in our state including: Bainbridge, Macon, Greater Hall County, Metro Atlanta, and Athens. Also, our officers participated in Advocacy, Transportation, and Disability Days at the Georgia State Capitol. During the visits the officers learned the following: Chapter Visits Bainbridge Chapter The Bainbridge Chapter is alive and doing well. During the visit, Bainbridge elected its new president and retained the current secretary. Its members are in the process of identifying new leadership in the chapter. They are requesting our support to address some issues affecting individuals with vision loss employed by the Industries for the Blind in Bainbridge. Macon Chapter The Macon Chapter is a strong and self sustaining organization. The membership is interested in learning how to become more involved in the growth and development of GCB. They are happy GCB has its own office and mailing address. The Macon membership is interested in developing strategies to grow the chapter membership and provide transportation for the members to attend meetings. Greater Hall County Chapter The Greater Hall County Chapter is the largest chapter affiliated with GCB. Transportation is a real problem for the membership wishing to attend meetings. The members are very active in the community, developing programs to work with the youth population with vision loss. The group suggested starting youth chapters in the state. Metro Atlanta Chapter The Metro Atlanta Chapter is the model organization affiliated with GCB. The membership is very committed to the development of services to the vision loss community. A major concern is the recruitment and retention of members. They have organized a fund raising committee to support their activities which will work on the further growth and development of the chapter as well as GCB. Athens Chapter The Athens Chapter has more blind LIONS than any other chapter in the state. The membership shares the office space with GCB and is active in the Northeast Georgia community. Like the Greater Hall County and Macon Chapters, lack of transportation to meetings is a major problem for the Athens membership. Additionally, finding resources for the vision loss community is a real concern. The membership suggested getting LIONS’ clubs involved in transporting chapter members to meetings. Finding ways to continue supporting the vision loss community will help in the growth and development of GCB. Georgia Capitol Visitation Advocacy Day at the Capitol The Advocacy Day at the Capitol was developed to visit with state representatives to support legislation to serve individuals with disabilities. The first vice president was the only individual with vision loss participating in the event at the Capitol. GCB did not get an invitation or details about this event. Transportation Day at the Capitol The intent of Transportation Day at the Capitol is to lobby for resources and encourage cooperation among existing transportation systems to increase services to the public and special populations, and cooperate in the coordination of services across the state. All citizens are encouraged to participate in this lobbying effort. None of the individuals from the vision loss community participated except five members of the Athens Chapter. Disability Day at the Capitol Disability Day at the Capitol was organized to bring attention to the lack of services and support for the disability community in the state. Approximately 1200 individuals with disabilities were in attendance, but very few individuals with vision loss were present. Based on the information collected from the statistics, membership, and State Capitol visits, our ability to increase membership is essential to the vision loss community. The membership of GCB could possibly provide transportation, support, resources, advocacy, and an overall increase of services to our communities. Part 2 of this article will outline some of the steps GCB should take in order to accomplish the growth and development of GCB as an organized advocacygroup. GCB Goes To Washington, D.C. by Kevin Roberts Greater Columbus Chapter Going with GCB members to Washington, D.C. and meeting people from ACB was fun and interesting. I learned a great deal about how the legislative process works. When we arrived on Saturday, February 21, we met with state representatives of ACB from all over the country. This was a good way of networking with people, and it felt good to realize that a lot of them strived for the same causes. The speakers really touched on a lot of things we do not think about as much as we should. After reviewing the information on the bills Sunday and Monday, we went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Talking to the representatives was very enlightening. We received some positive feedback on the bills we were discussing. We spoke to some congressmen that are thinking about the bills and some who really did not know what we wanted. The bills were the Pedestrian and Safety Act and the 21st Century TeleCommunications and Video Accessibility Act. These bills will help blind people and those with low vision to be safe and to have equal access. The Pedestrian Act talks about quiet cars and how hard they are to hear on the roads, and how we need for there to be a sound for us to know when it is safe to cross the street. The 21st Century TeleCommunications and Video Accessibility Act will give us access to emergancy information to which we cannot get access as our sighted peers can. All in all, we made a positive impact, and we hope the government will give the bills consideration and keep us in mind when it comes to these issues. Many thanks to Ms. Alice Ritchhart and Ms. Marsha Farrow for allowing me to go on this educational trip. There is so much to learn. I hope to have the opportunity to attend again in the near future. I challenge everyone to call or write his or her congressman concerning these two bills. Thousands of voices may be heard; but if only a few voices are actually spoken, there is a good chance that the voices may be ignored. Ten minutes of your time could mean a lifetime of accessibility and safety. ANNOUNCEMENTS From Valerie Leighton The history committee is collecting newspaper articles with GCB members featured in them. If you, or another GCB member you know is in your local paper please send me a copy of the article and include the name of the paper, the date, and GCB member involved. You may send the article to: Valerie Leighton 1030 Shawnee Street, Apt. F7 Savannah, GA 31419 From Alice Ritchhart Just Call GCB!!! Have questions about what is happening in GCB? Have questions about technology and resources for blind and low vision? Want to know what is happening in ACB and other GCB chapters? Then plan to join us for a conference call on a monthly basis. Our first get together will be Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 7:30 P.M. The call in number is: (218) 844-3388, and the PIN code is 4228. We will then meet the third Thursday of each month using the same phone number and code. This will be an opportunity for everyone to hopefully talk to officers of GCB, possibly some of our National folks, and maybe even guest speakers. It will be a way for you to get information and share with fellow members. So plan to join us Thursday, May 21, 2009. Again the number is (218) 844-3388, PIN, 4228. From Marsha Farrow Cow Patty Grand: Let’s All think COW! For those of you who have never heard of Cow Patty Bingo, or in the case of GCB‘s current fund raiser Cow Patty Grand, let me explain! First of all, you must obtain a real cow for the event, and we have done that. Our County Commissioner, Jason Winters of Chattooga County, has graciously agreed to provide one of his cows and pasture land to lay out the numbered board. Next, we have printed 500 Cow Patty Grand tickets from 001 through 500 to be sold at $10 each. These tickets may be purchased by a single owner or group. We ask that only one name appear on the ticket, and the group of purchasers must decide on the name to appear on the ticket. Once all tickets are sold, then we can simply place all of the numbers from 001 to 500 in a container, and the numbers will be placed on the large board at random. The game board is similar to a very large bingo card on the grass in rows which allow for 500 blocks. After the large board is created in a fenced area, the cow will be allowed to walk freely across the game board. When the cow decides a “potty break” is needed, then the cow patty will land on the game board marking the numbered block, hence, the winner is selected by the cow! The Cow Patty Grand tickets are already being sold and can be mailed to your chapter at your request. Please know that your chapter should ask for the specific number of tickets you wish to sell; extras may be mailed to you if needed. The grand prize is $1000, and there will be only 500 tickets sold. We must make every effort to sell all the tickets and be very careful that no tickets should be lost or misplaced. Lost tickets will need to be paid for by the person or chapter responsible for the number of the lost ticket. Remember the funds raised by this effort will be utilized for the scholarship fund and youth program as well as travel expenses and other GCB expenses as needed. We need everyone's help to make this a successful fund raiser. We realize that local chapters need funds, but if GCB is to continue its main mission which is to provide scholarships and forge on to provide new opportunities, we must have the local chapters to help support the work of GCB as well. Please contact Marsha Farrow for tickets by phoning the GCB number or by sending an email. Please copy Alice Ritchhart on all email requests for tickets. Since the tickets are numbered, we will be able to keep a precise record of all tickets mailed. In this way we can be certain of what has been sold. You will only be mailed the number of tickets that you request. If all GCB members can buy one and sell one, we will have no trouble in selling all 500 tickets. Chapters and special GCB affiliates can also purchase tickets. Please do not put animal names on tickets as has occurred in the past. Only names of individuals, chapter names or affiliate names may appear on the tickets. Once you sell all of your cow patty tickets, please copy the stubs and mail the stubs to Ann and John Sims and your checks to our GCB home office in Athens. Please sell all tickets and mail or hand-deliver the stubs to Ann and John by June 10, 2009. Cow Patty Grand ticket wording Tickets are to be sold for a $10 donation Cow Patty Grand $1000 Prize An All Natural Way to Support the Georgia Council of the Blind's Programs for Youth, Elderly, Scholarships, Advocacy, Education, Travel Assistance Cow will Move and Winner Declared on Saturday, June 20, 2009, or Rain Date, Saturday, June 27, 2009. You Do Not Have to be Present to Win! Thank You, and the Cow Thanks You for Your Support! There is a drawing of a cow in the bottom right corner, and our GCB logo in the bottom left corner. The stub asks for name, address, and phone number. You obviously keep the ticket and turn in the numbered stub to Ann and John Sims. The cow will be turned out on a numbered board that has been laid out like a very large card on the grass with some sort of substance like lime as is utilized to line a football or baseball field. As explained above, the cow will take a potty break somewhere on the numbered board, and this is how the winner is determined. Several of us will be present and witness the cow in action. All are welcomed who would like to visit our wonderful town and watch a cow show us a unique way of choosing a grand prize winner. So you see, it's all up to the cow on this one! I suggest we should mail all stubs with a US mail tracking number to avoid being lost. Do not use Free Matter mailing for this project. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Ann, John, or Marsha! Once again, thanks for your help in this very needed fund raising effort. Contact Information: To request for tickets, Marsha Farrow, 1-877-667-6815 Email: marshafarrow@windstream.net To send stubs, John and Ann Sims, 404-767-1792, 3361 N. Whitney Avenue, Hapeville, GA 30354 email, teacherann@bellsouth.net To send checks made payable to GCB, Jerrie Toney, GCB Treasurer Multiple Choices Center, 850 Gaines School Road, Athens, GA 30605 Email: jmt2@bellsouth.net